In today’s environment, overall supply costs are profoundly affecting your practice’s bottom line.

With her proven track record, Mari Sawtelle-Dunn will work with your staff to ensure you receive the best products and services at the best value, saving greatly on overall overhead.

She spends the time you don’t have and knows the ins and
outs of manufacturers, distributors, and purchasing. This unique combination of experience in the orthodontic industry, mastering both the vendor and purchasing sides, allows her to get you the products and services you want and need, at the best value possible.

Mari has negotiated with top orthodontic supply companies to create Mari's List®. Members of Mari's List® receive large group pricing and can shop for the best products without being confined to one company.

"Joining Mari’s List® could not have come at a more opportune time. Our ordering person of 10 years relocated and we needed to completely overhaul and computerize our process. Mari’s years of experience in orthodontic sales, training, purchasing, and her wealth of knowledge about the products have proved invaluable to us. She has provided insight into new companies with better price points and has ultimately reduced our spending on our clinical supplies."
Dr. Joel Gluck

Mari’s List® is the best! Our previous attempts to reduce overhead when ordering supplies was a shotgun approach with minimal results. Mari’s List gives us continuous access to the best pricing on top products which has freed up huge amounts of staff time.”
Papandreas Orthodontics

"Mari worked one on one in our office with our inventory manager creating a fully customized analysis. Her finely tuned recommendations fit our needs, and she uncovered even more savings by spending time with us."
Dr. Roxanne Robertson